Saturday, March 13, 2010

Increasing in size while walking backwards

Last night we went to see the God of Carnage down on Broadway. This is our second play this week; last week we saw a Behanding in Spokane. Both were performed in one set, both were performed with no intermission, both had four characters but there the similarities end. The plots were almost the polar opposite of each other.

Both were fantastic.

On Wednesday we went to the Met and stared at paintings until we could decipher and decode no more.

Yesterday I had reason (albeit flimsy) to visit a pet shop and was delighted to meet two hitherto undiscovered types of pets:

1. A chinchilla
2. A hamster.

Hamsters have tails the size of a tic tac.

We then did a huge trek around the reservoir in Central Park and made our way to the Zoo via Strawberry Fields. I had some very pleasant encounters at the zoo:

When I'm not admiring animals I think about what I will buy next. On Wednesday I had some very happy experiences at the Liberty for Target pop-up shop down near Times Square. The quality is surprisingly good and the prints are lovely. The best part though, if there can be a good part about standing in line, was seeing all the New York fashion journalists who had first dibs before the commoners were allowed in. Some left pursed lipped empty handed (probably worked for Vogue) while others left laden with bags and two - my bet is they worked for Lucky and Elle - left with the much coveted Liberty bicycles. I left with some frocks, some scarves, a couple of mugs and an umbrella. In an ideal world I would have bought alot of cushions and the excellent bedding.

Today it is drizzly and cold. We're going to Coney Island. Meanwhile I have to decide: do I want the Anya Hindmarch Clarice bag in fushia or stone? But before I go I should introduce the third cat I've met in New York (which of course is a rampant dog city). Her name is Zoe.