Monday, January 10, 2011

Ten things I thought about today

1. There are worse things than sitting at a desk. What did Mark Twain say? Men will climb a mountain and call it recreation, yet sit at a desk and call it hard work. 

2. Is vegemite on toast an irresponsible lunch? 

3. I rather miss Christmas now. Sigh. Such a great day. Funny how you give a kid a great present and without fail they'll prefer the box. 

4. Curly hair runs in our family but not one of us have ever been nicknamed curly. 

5. I don't need any more skirts no matter how cheap that Dries Van Noten one is going on eBay. 

6. 394 emails. That can't be right. 

7. It's lunch time, right? 

8. Mark Twain was wrong. This is HARD. 

9. I wonder what Ellie and Kate are doing? I wish someone would invent an app that made it possible to call your pets.

10. It's Monday, isn't it? No, hang on ...oh, right. It is Monday. 

11. Must make a note to pack the camera tomorrow.