Monday, February 28, 2011

The nomination for the two blackest dresses

I woke up this morning wondering what colour patchouli lipstick might actually be. Patchouli is a very dark oily colour but this lipstick is much more gentle and very wearable. 

I'd already allocated my day's worth of mental elasticity to the lipstick so had to make my wardrobe choices quick and easy, which is code for black: 
The dress is from Gap on Rodeo Drive (you have no idea how much the irony of that pleases me), the tights are from Wolford and the shoes are from Aldo (and part of my most recent haul).  

The pendant is from a vintage clothing store in Haight-Ashbury. My learned friend, who has now what can only be described as a free range lens farm,  has managed to create a photo that appears to have been shot in daylight but is in fact in my office. I don't know how he did that. 

Nat was out in solidarity with me in black, but more as a sartorial nod to the Oscars. Her dress is Marc Jacobs, the tights are Wolford too and the shoes are Chie Mahara. 

I came back to 812 emails. By the time I left this evening I had it down to 33. Email is no doubt one of the great enhancements to modern business but not so much as the delete key. 

And on the way home, we planned our next trip for (hopefully) January. Same hemisphere, different country.