Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kisses like moths or butterflies

Look, I know it appears I'm just wearing another black dress but this one is different. It's a very soft jersey yarn and has a lovely panel of pleats at the front so it falls just right and sways just a touch when you walk. 
It's very comfortable and a recent acquisition from Seed, where I spend an unhealthy amount of time. You'll note there's a vanilla slip underneath, stopping the black from draining all the colour from my face. 

And in any case, I called off all dreary-clothes bets by wearing this on my blazer: 
It's a butterfly wing brooch, a beautiful little piece of Victoriana that I found - quite unexpectedly - for six quid in the Knightsbridge Oxfam two years ago. That is an actual butterfly wing, set under crystal and held in sterling silver. My learned friend who moonlights as my technical advisor, photographer, legal counsel and spiritual guide insisted it was out of focus in this shot but I (at my peril) disagree. I think he caught the blue beautifully.