Friday, June 4, 2010

Depends how you look at it

This is the same view from the same window, once again snapped by my learned friend and his new lens. Sydney is squelching after a true deluge these last few days.

I love how a view can change, and how one view can be interpreted so many different ways.

I am always intrigued how we can interpret a view, and how we can construct a view of ourselves in particular circumstances. It is one of my great theories: that really stylish people can interpret their circumstances and environment through their clothes. My other learned friend Nat, who has featured in this blog before, was in Court today and dressed accordingly. Appearing amongst senior counsel in their barrister's robes, Nat used a Calvin Klein dress, a See by Chloe blouse, a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes and some spectacular tights and given the robes a very good run for their money. Judge for yourself (see what I did there?):

Are those tights fabulous or incredibly fabulous?

Here's the brief:
*Dress, Calvin Klein, bought in New York in 2000
*Blouse, See by Chloe, bought in New York 2008
*Shoes, Marc Jacobs, bought in New York 2005
*Tights, bought from a local funky boutique called Pretty Dog just a few weeks ago.

And it all flows together seamlessly, which goes to prove the fashion mags right - buy classics and you'll wear them forever.

My look today said "It's raining and rain reminds me of every holiday I've ever had in the Northern Hemisphere." Thus I wore this:

The dress is from Gap, part of the range they made with Liberty fabrics in 2009. I bought it on the sale rack in Paris last year. The cardi is from one of many love-glazed sojourns in J Crew when I was in New York earlier this year, the belt was a dollar at a garage sale around the corner and my tights are Wolford. The boots (which you can't see but I am definitely wearing) are vintage and cost me about $30 on eBay.

My learned friend who isn't a woman but has chunks of glass took the photo while he was wearing a plain, utterly beautiful black wool Cerruti 1881 blazer that he bought in Rome in 1983. It looked like he picked it out at Armani yesterday. "I go through phases with it," he explained. "I wear it for a while, then put it back in the wardrobe and forget about it, then I remember it and start wearing again. It's like a little black dress, except it's a jacket".

I thought that was a lovely point of view.