Sunday, February 27, 2011

All this, and so much more

The warning signs that the holiday is over are all here - my lunch is packed, I've ironed my clothes and got my shoes on stand by. 

This final weekend was spent in the nicest way on my stamping ground. I started with a pedicure. 

On Saturday evening we went to the Rugby Union.  This might not mean much to those of you in the Americas. It looks like this: 

And there are hot chips. For the locals may I add that this household is a proud Waratah household. I don't dress up for the games...

... but I always carry a special bag. This week it was a particularly favourite vintage Gucci. 
I have a bit of a vintage Gucci bag collection. If anyone is interested, please make your feelings known and I will do a dedicated post on them. In fact it would, in this immediate vicinity at least, be deemed a public service if you let me rabbit on for a few paragraphs. 

I also ate a lot of no-fat Greek yoghurt, which I enhance with sultanas. It is quite a delicate procedure: you tip the sultanas into the yoghurt, stir them and then refrigerate the pot for about twelve hours. The yoghurt is ready to eat when the sultanas have restored themselves to grape-like proportions and are cracking the surface of the yoghurt in their plumpness. 
You arm yourself with a spoon, tell anyone who's listening "I'm just going to have a couple of spoonfuls", then proceed to eat the entire pot. 

I am looking forward to seeing my learned friends tomorrow and trust Nat will be ready to delight me with an outfit like this, which she wore on Friday. 

Those are Marni sunglasses. I believe the trousers Marc Jacobs and the boots are Sergio Rossi. 

It's been a good break. I'm well rested and dazzled by the happy wardrobe choices before me over the next few weeks. I'm already planning the next holiday because I think life should be a series of anticipated events and happy memories, like this one.