Sunday, February 26, 2012

All colours combined in a laneway

It has been the weekend of the million calories. It started with the grocery shopping on Friday night and kept expanding, with my waistline, right up until Sunday night.  Everything I did this weekend was about food.

The weekend kicked off  with me fretting over the safety of my vegetables while privately admiring Mr Baxter's skill in matching his car to my work wardrobe. I hate buying groceries after work - I'm hungry and want to buy things like roast chickens and kilogram bags of mixed sweeties. I showed restraint while wearing a Von Troska jacket, a deceptively simple silk blouse from Monoprix, an Agnes B skirt and Ferragamo shoes that I scored for a few bucks on eBay. And the not-a-Kelly-bag Bayswater.

On Saturday evening, after three food related chores I undertook during the day, we went dinner at some friends' home. This caused me great delight because they are Fijian Indians and both amazing cooks.  I wore my hungry/delighted face...

...a cream dress from Asos, a black belt from a favourite op shop in Newtown...

  ...a pink Fendi bag (eBay again)...

 ...and the most ridiculously comfortable ballet flats from Gap that I bought three years ago in Paris.  I wear them sparingly because I can't bear the idea of having to throw them out when they are reduced to shreds of leather.

Do you like Asos? It runs hot and cold for me. I estimate that I've returned about half of the things I've bought there - their sizing is inconsistent and sometimes the fabrics and/or workmanship are very cheap. Yet other times the items are fantastic value for money and a joy to wear. I wonder how the millions of Asos shoppers around the world are faring.

I'll leave you with some extremely pretty candy-striped orchids that I didn't buy at the market in Reunion. I hope your weekend is every bit as cheerful and exciting as these lovely blooms.