Thursday, March 31, 2011

No longer at ease here

Most days I like to believe (or at least delude myself) that I have chosen wisely for my workwear. Granted. my choices often advertise a vast lack of colour, but I work in a conservative office and sometimes in my line of work it pays to be invisible. 

Today I wore a vintage Roberto Cavalli skirt and it felt wrong from the moment I walked out the door. I used to wear it a lot a couple of winters ago; its light wool made it perfect for sunny winter days. 

Today it just annoyed me. 
And that's a pity, because it's a great skirt. I got it for four dollars at one of my favourite opshops and for a while it was my favourite building block for an outfit. The fabric is lovely, and the colour saturation of the print - red, green and black  - meant it would work with so many things. Also, it has pockets. I love pockets. I used to wear my pretty, practical skirt with light coloured knits over sheer blouses and tall black boots. Today I feel I let it down, and I think I let it down because it just doesn't interest me any more. 
 Thank God for blue glass necklaces with interesting silver clasps that one buys from champion barn pillagers in France. Like this one. 

I don't often actively call for comments but I am genuinely interested to learn if you are bored by this skirt too, or if it secretly delights you, or if you can think of another way I can wear it, or if you have a pot boiling over on the stove and the phone is ringing. 

Let me know!