Sunday, January 29, 2012

Guest post from Kate

I have to do everything around here: shed on the towels, eat unattended butter, keep the insect community in check and stare needlessly at blank spaces at the wall until the roundears are half mad with distraction.

Yesterday she said to the big roundears, the tom, " I really want to blog again but I don't know how to start after a long absence." And he said, "Well, get Kate to do it. She's blogged before."


She really was sick. It was like a crime scene here for a while. I wasn't allowed to use my claws, not even in a nice way.

Mostly I didn't pay much attention because, well, she's not a mouse and frankly I am a cat. My attention span is limited.

But she's not sick anymore and she has more scarves which means I have even better warmth and insulation when I sleep in the good room.

She went away for a while and I got beaten up by a tomcat with one ear and no respect. I'm better now and she's come home. She bought me a present which I completely ignored.

"It's the year of the Dragon," she said, "maybe Kate could blog about that."

Oh, as if. AS IF. It is only ever the Year of the Cat as far as I'm concerned because 1) I can lick a dragon any day and 2) dragons are mythical and I'm not.