Thursday, January 27, 2011

True love could have been a contender

Here are some things I thought about today: 

1. I really have to cut back on the black dresses. 

2. Tomorrow I should wear that white dress with the enamel brooch. 
3. It would be wrong to have brown rice sushi for lunch again.

4. I should have bought those shoes with the grosgrain ribbon and glass beads at the Salvation Army last Saturday. 

5. I wish people would send me messages via mental telepathy rather than email. 

6. If not brown rice sushi, what could I have for lunch? 

 7. There'll be times enough for fried potato snacks in America. Salads are my friend. 

8. Actually, America! I'll be there soon. What are the chances I'll find a bag like Nat's Kate Spade beauty? 
9. Oh! I have the gym tonight. Salad and cheese! 

10. Why can't I grow roses? Do you need a rose gene to be able to grow them? Can the young plants sense I'm scared of them and then die from fear of my rose-ineptitude? 
11. This day is going more slowly than it should. It's as if midday got caught on a fence post and can't move forward. 

12. My life would be a whole lot better if they made Sunshine Lemon laundry liquid for front loaders. Who could I petition about that? 
13. I'm scared of crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. It's going to be like Sacre Coeur but perhaps worse, because I won't be able to sit down to cower in fear. 
14. The Rose Bowl flea market is going to be special. What are the chances I will find the matching cast-iron rabbit? 
15. Oh! An invite to the Consultation thingy. I love those guys. Accept!  

16. What should I blog about tonight?