Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's tantamount to assault

Okay, so I've managed to climb the awkward barbed fence of posting pictures of myself here; the next hurdle is to find a good time and location to actually take the photos. The absence of a style photo here is evidence that I haven't found that perfect time and place yet. The bedroom where I dress is too bright, the dining room has no point high enough for a camera on the self timer .... anyway, while a solution is underway,  I can tell you that I wore a plain oat-coloured shift today with a shot of green: 

The bangles are glass for Pete's sake. I was attracted to them in an op shop for their weight and pleasant clinking, but a suggestion that they might break on my wrist and cause all kinds of bloody damage made me reticent to wear them. I'm happy to report they've not wounded me yet and are the prettiest colour when they catch the light. The silk scarf came in the same haul and spent most of it's time on this syrupy, humid day tied around the handle of my bag. 

I also tried to wear a lipstick Nat brought back for me from her recent trip but I just can't bring myself to smear it on. 

 It's from Paul and Joe. It is a perfect pink-brown shade - I just wish it wasn't looking at me with such trust.