Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fishing for shadows in a pool

One of the things I love about the style blogs - and there are many, many things - is the small window the blogger allows you to peer through to see edited highlights of  their day or week. It's very easy to form an instant picture of a person who gives you just a tiny handful of clues about themselves every day. 

Today was a busy day for me and one I dressed for very carefully. I had a couple of very important engagements and wanted to present a very specific, conservative yet not entirely memorable image of myself. When the engagements were over I was busy at my desk and spent almost the entire afternoon with the phone wedged between my ear and shoulder while I typed emails. 

But it was good-busy and I felt very productive. My learned friend and his camera, therefore, chanced upon me in a great mood. I want to try something different, I told him, can I see what the photos might look like if I look down? 

They look like this - a tousled haired woman in an an Anna Thomas silk-cotton blouse, a Warner's cami, Veronika Maine silk-cotton pencil skirt and Aerosoles pumps. 

My learned friend cracked a fine stream of clever jokes about my method acting. 
I thought my response showed off the blouse perfectly.