Tuesday, March 13, 2012

And things throw light on things

LIke me, you've probably worked in lots of places and with lots of people. One of my favourite things about offices is the countless little quirks and nuances of all the people who work there. The guy next door to me sneezes a lot. Whenever he does I send him a quick email that says BLESS YOU and he sings out THANK YOU through the wall. The woman down the end of the office make a magnificent salad every day: beetroot-tuna-carrot-onion on a big bed of iceberg lettuce. I know it's lunch time when I can hear the lettuce being rinsed. My learned friend likes to read his documents with his feet on the desk. He's a devotee of the Alexander technique so he's integrated a number of their practices into his daily routine. Sometimes I walk past his office and seeing him lying on the floor in a pose he calls a semi-supine although it looks to me like a cruxifiction. I always stand and watch his chest to make sure he's still breathing.

I'm not without my quirks. Relevant to this post is my predilection for wearing dresses mid-week. It seems quick and to the point.

The dress is from Jigsaw and was a gift from my sister. That little blue jacket which presents as a blur in the first picture was from Von Troska a couple of seasons ago, I wear it to work a lot. The two pendants are both thrifted and the shoes are the Ferragamos, which are proving to be the hardest workers I know. Also present is my faithful Bayswater, and on my left shoulder is a big stripey bag I bought in Target. It holds my breakfast (fruit salad) lunch (cheese and vegetables) and assorted snacks (yoghurt, pear and banana). 

My friend Nat likes to leave her furniture in my office when she goes on leave. That's her table and out of shot are her chair, magazine rack and assorted magazines. They keep me company while she's gone and lend a degree of elegance to my office that is otherwise outside my skill set.

I'd love to hear stories of the quirks of people you work with. Do you sit near a frequent-sneezer?