Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A miracle of rare device

The colour red always makes me feel better. This dawned on me this afternoon when I was staring in abject sadness at my bloodless brown pinstripes. Don't get me wrong - I love this dress - 
but it would look better with a little starburst of red somewhere. A pendant maybe, or even a red cardi.  The dress is a very handy pinafore (with pockets! Love pockets) from Veronika Maine, the cardi is a wonderful knit of cotton and a bit of cashmere by Saba and the identity/security tag was issued by the nice guy in Human Resources. But no red. 

The thing is, I don't have many red separates. A couple of skirts and a trench coat, maybe a scarf, but that's it. Accessories though - well, that's a another story (or a fairly plausible segue). 

This is the stopwatch Gucci, named on account of its clasp. 
The clasp opens like a little watch. Apparently they did a whole range of these in the early eighties. This bag, as you can see by the light scratches, is used frequently. She's perfect for carrying a lippie, my wallet, a phone and my ipod if I'm walking. I love putting my hand inside that trapeze shaped torso. 
It's soft as a bunny's belly. And it fits nicely over my shoulder. 
While the strap is detachable, the shape doesn't let itself to a clutch that is easy to carry. But as little tomato coloured, cross-body worker bag to supplement a big shopping bag when one is flea marketing  - perfect. 

And the colour always makes me happy.