Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Adding noughts in vain

The heat continues. I'm pulling late nighters in the office to get a couple of critical things out of the way. No one in this city is sleeping. It's nearly 11pm  and 27 degrees - that's 80 F for the readers in the not celsius countries. Up the road in far North Queensland a truly malevolent cyclone is kicking their door in. 

Amidst all this passionate weather and statistics and meetings and raw red eyes my learned friend found time to record today's outfit: 

The dress is from the Jigsaw sale last Summer and the belt I found for a couple of dollars at the Kirribilli markets. I'm a fan of the bargain-priced leather belt. 

The three brooches are all vintage: the marcasite is from the rather fabulous Camberwell markets in Melbourne, the purple enamel was a fabulous $1 find at the Salvation Army store down in Glebe and the odd mirror-like grey number - I have no idea what it is, but I think it originally came from the ocean - was rescued from the Surry Hills markets. I'm entertaining a bit of a sterling silver brooch phase at the moment. 

I have another early start tomorrow morning so you'll have to excuse me while I slip out quietly.