Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Before you know it

Opening tonight's post is the most untrustworthy cat in Sydney. She is pictured here masterminding a credit card fraud operation.

You don't get much of a winter in Sydney. Even when the nights start getting cool in May, you can still feel the sun during the day. After June 22 the days start getting longer and by the end of August the single digit Celsius coldness has gone for another year. In late August or early September you get your first warm day - we had it today - and by October you've usually had one unexpectedly hot day. On the October long weekend everyone packs aways their jumpers and scarves and blankets, just in time for a brief return of cold days, and by the time they've fished them out again there's another hot day. And then they just keep coming and don't really stop until April.

I manage the hot weather by buying frocks. And by going to Coalcliff, like this:

There's a pool and a beach at Coalcliff. Plus starfish, if you're really lucky.