Monday, February 27, 2012

At this blessed moment

Today was all about schlepping - schlepping my gym gear, schlepping news papers, stepping out in my break to schlepp some magazines and a minor treasure haul from a local op shop. Observe this excellent silk jersey knit that I could not leave behind, despite the fact it doesn't fit very well:
 Here's the print close up. I love the colours, and I love the effect they have on each other. I'm thinking it may be able to be cut into a very wearable skirt. Well, I'm hoping.

And here is a woman who schleps. She's wearing a fairly standard wardrobe that suits a very humid, heated Sydney Monday - a Veronica Maine pencil skirt from the sales two years ago, a cotton Free People blouse that I stalked on Asos until it was $22 and the thrifted DavidLawrence jacket that is certainly earning its keep this summer.  The shoes are from Aerosole in San Francisco and abysmally comfortable.

My learned friend insists this shot - which he took with his extremely posh Leica M9 - is out of focus but he's wrong: it's me.

Apparently it will be hotter and muggier tomorrow. I am planning to schlep less.