Saturday, January 15, 2011

The girl from the butcher shop is here to see you

The morning light in my house is soft and doesn't lend itself to good pictures. 

The Summer light outside is bright and sharp though, so I wondered how I might go photographing today's very laid back, casual Friday-it's still Summer-I've got no meetings outfit. 

Well, not bad. Except it is my reflection in a shop front window and the muted tones fail to give you the true spirit of the Seed dress I am wearing. And you'd never guess that the leggings are made from bamboo from this shot. 

So I kept walking, and saw a woman in a Seed dress and bamboo leggings walking towards me. 

It's a mirror fitting in a butcher's shop that recently closed down. But no one will know it's a butcher's shop, I reasoned, it'll just look like a shot on the main street, albeit taken by a person who neglected to lift her gaze away from the viewfinder. 

And then I saw the word bacon reversed just above my head and laughed. No matter - you get a better idea of the leggings here. And I can even take close up of the bag and sh - 

Oh - my walking-to-the-bus stop shoes. Not my adorable plain black flats I bought in Paris. But the leggings! They're bamboo! And the bag! My new one that carries my laptop and breakfast! 

And the brooch, 800 silver that I bought from one of the sourest men in Sydney at the Bondi markets. and my silver floral pendant from Etsy that I rarely take off. And the fabric of the dress, a linen cotton bend that is comfortable and doesn't end up looking like a discarded lunch wrapper after a few minutes. It's all visible, in the stark light of day. 

Including the tiles, which are similar in colour to the dress I wore yesterday. I wondered who chose them - the butcher? It crossed my mind to sneak down late at night with a bucket of hot water and mop for future photographs. Or perhaps try the backyard tomorrow morning.