Saturday, May 15, 2010

If only they came in threes

Not long ago my friend and esteemed colleague Nat sent me a charming email that said: Would you like to go on a play date to Surry Hills market this Saturday? A play date! The perfect way to spend a Saturday. Here's Nat at the markets ..

..and later enchanting a well mannered little dog who assisted in a rather outre boutique. He liked her grey Topshop silk dress and Mark Jacobs bag as much as I did.

We had a grand time.

There's nothing quite like Saturday. Thursdays come close and Fridays are nice because you can smell Saturday in the wind, but only Saturdays offer the full technicolour spectrum of rest, recreation and getting the washing finished that is unmatched by any other day of the working week.

And on Saturdays you can eat and dress a little more leisurely, more adventurously. During the week I wear black and grey suit things and eat my gravel-like breakfast and dull low-fat lunch at my desk while I curse all the newspapers (ALL of them) and answer my phone. On Saturday I favour floral frocks and boots and big vintage purses. I can eat breakfast twice or not at all, I can drink so much coffee my muscles twitch or I can take my time getting to a cafe that I knows makes an excellent beetroot, ginger and orange juice (you'd be surprised how nice that is). On Saturday you can take your time over dinner. You can stay up late.

There's a lot of choices available on Saturdays that aren't as practical during the working week.

Here's my Saturday breakfast which a lovely young woman in a Newtown cafe prepared for me at a very reasonable price:

Did you know cholesterol is that exact yolk shade of yellow?

And here is my Saturday night statement dinner. It says "No one can stop you eating a whole beetroot on Saturday":

Can I just add that this photographs includes evidence that proves I shelled one and a half kilograms of peas which of course you can only do on Saturdays.

Flea markets and Saturdays are always closely intertwined for me. Most Saturdays will find me a flea market sending out positive vibes for a liberty scarf, an Hermes belt and a pair of fabulous Maud Frizon wedges from the 80s. Actually, that's not quite true - I am usually sending out vibrations of thanks because I have found one of these things:

This belt was $30! I was shaking with excitement when I realised what I had found (and not because of all the coffee I had for breakfast either). Hermes issues a new African animal charm every year. They can be attached to bags, necklaces or belts. I am yet to find an Hermes bag (well, one that I can afford) at a flea market but I was thrilled to find this gorgeous dog collar belt complete with the elephant. I am hoping to find an Hermes tiger one fine Saturday.