Wednesday, March 14, 2012

When the apples will fall

The magazines and style guides will tell you that you must clear out your wardrobe every year, that less is more, that you can get by with a skirt, two t-shirts, a derby hat, four plastic bangles and a pair of riding boots.

I am not like that. I like to have lots of things in rotation and lots of things in storage up in the attic. On particularly dreary afternoons, or when I am not quite at ease with the world, I go up to the attic and do some shopping. When I say shopping I mean rummage through bags of stuff and find dresses and skirts I'd forgotten about. I am a simple woman.

I'm always surprised at how something can be quite new again after a few months' rest. Or how I can buy something and not be ready to wear it for two years. Most of my favourite clothes have had spells in the attic.

There is a notable exception.

This dress has vexed me. I bought it at Zara in Madrid in September 2007. I have not worn it once. I keep it in my wardrobe and get it out every couple of weeks with quiet despair. It is such a great dress. In the picture it looks transparent but that's the early morning Sydney sun - the dress is made from very durable white denim in a perfect clotted cream colour. There's pockets, buttoned sleeves and excellent large pockets. It is a trapeze shape but nicely fitted around the chest and arms. Eminently forgiving around the digestive system. The square neckline is so flattering. It is the perfect length. I could store robins in the pockets if I needed too. I just can't work out how to wear it.

I love this dress but it's starting to grate me. I'm not going to live forever. I need to start wearing this dress and I'm damned if I can work out how.