Saturday, April 2, 2011

Days are where we live

My learned friend is finding my office more and more uninteresting as a location for the blog shots. The thing is, I spend most of my time there and certainly my wardrobe revolves around the office during the week. I think it is fitting. 

Today was casual Friday. I wore back jeans from Old Navy in San Francisco, a silk top from Veronika Maine in Sydney, a white tshirt from Target in Las Vegas, the Max Mara jacket which could probably do a lot of my work for me given how frequently I wear it to work ....
...and my blue pendant. 
I had to juggle my non-office life with my wardrobe because tonight my spouse and I went to the Rugby. Thus I had a smaller bag - from J Crew in New York -  for tickets and my camera,  and a much softer jacket for sitting around cheering the Waratahs and eating hot chips. . 
 While I argued with my learned friend about my dull office the phone rang. I think this photograph offers a very good representation of what I do all day, and indelible proof that I need to upgrade my moisturiser.