Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When the leaves fall upwards to the trees

We're having a heatwave. The days are blinding hot and no one is sleeping in the stifling still nights.

This morning as I was dressing for work I received a submission from Kate. Kate doesn't type or in fact use English much but she made her point very clear when she hopped on the bed and sat directly under the ceiling fan that was going full pelt. 

"Outside", I said with my pointing finger directed at the door. Kate responded with the saddest miaow and went and hid in the corner. She then played her ace - the crouching, pathetic figure and the sad, terrified eyes. 

She won. I laid a clean sheet on the bed and left the fan on for them. Kate and her adopted sister, the hapless Ellie,  toughed out this wretched draining day in relative comfort. 

Kate may not have read Canterbury Tales in middle English or know much about Oliver Cromwell but she can outsmart me every time. 

I'm very lucky to work in an office with such effective air conditioning I sometimes have to don a cardigan. I didn't today. My learned friend has very kindly acted as my Lord Snowden and presented evidence to support that I did in fact wear my new pendant. 

What we have here is a Marni skirt, a Jigsaw t-shirt, vintage shoes from eBay and said pendant.
 He made my scar disappear! 

And this is what I pinned at my waist because I could: 

And here is a Scorpio cat who has just about earned a PhD in manipulation: