Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's there in black and white

 All the lady blogs are currently celebrating the bloggingsphere's love of coloured clothes. The best I can celebrate at the moment is  that I'm awake, able to answer simple questions and managing to feed myself at regular intervals. Coloured clothes are, as yet, still outside my skill set: this week I've worn a plain black dress every day. Today, muggy and blurred by clouds, was no exception.

That's a Veronika Maine dress from the sales two years ago. The brooches are both flea market finds ...

..the shoes are Ferragamos I snaffled for an excellent price on eBay...

..and the cuff is Louis Vuitton. It was a gift when the Vuitton store opened in Sydney a decade ago. It serves as a reminder that I once worked in television and used to get invited to some interesting gigs with nice freebies. 
Tomorrow - possibly black dress number four. I haven't quite got to the planning-twelve-hours-ahead stage yet.