Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An absence of colour, all colours combined and chocolate

The was a time ( a very distant time) when I used to do a lot of interviews. These days I remember few details of any of them, but I do remember interviewing the colour consultant, mostly because she admired the colours I was wearing at the time and assumed to me that I had already "had my colours done." 

I had not - I was just wearing my favourite combination of work colours: black (skirt) cream (tee shirt) brown (jacket). I still wear this combination in blocks and am given to slight over-excitement when I see them combined. Now you understand why I bought this J Crew cardigan in Las Vegas ...

...and this vintage Carlos Fiori bag at the Alameda markets in San Francisco. 

 That Conan, a tireless retail associate at the Small World Books bookstore at Venice Beach, comes in my colours is a happy coincidence. I would have patted him what ever his colours but I can't stop thinking how good he'd look in my office when I'm wearing a black dress.