Monday, May 17, 2010

O Daisy of all the world!

Yesterday the inspiring Dorky Medievalist over at In Professorial Fashion very kindly bestowed on me a happy shout-out shaped like like daisy. It is her Eye of the Day award which brings me great tidings of giddy pleasure not only because I love her writing and style but because I really like daisies too.

Thank you Dorky!

I got up early on Sunday to go to a trash and treasure market in western Sydney. This had mixed blessings:

*I lost a very dear brooch, packed with sentimental rather than monetary value, somewhere amongst 500 stalls. Sigh.
*I had an egg and bacon roll for lunch.
*I met these two little guys, both of whom were for sale:

He's really enjoying that apple. This is a rainbow lorikeet - you can see them in flocks all over Sydney. They are even more beguiling in the flesh (or in the feathers, if you will).

Later we drove down to Port Jackson for a walk and possibly a soft serve ice cream but he bacon and egg roll was sitting in my stomach like setting concrete so instead I took time to admire this bloke - or possibly this sheila - wearing one of my favourite colour combinations:

I admired this bloke too, mostly because he doesn't moult or nip my fingers, but also because he's a great cook and makes me laugh frequently:

He blends in well, non?

All this fresh air and the lost brooch made me made me a little wistful so I came home determined to build a replacement for the brooch. I remembered a jacket, lovely nipped-in-waist coarse woollen 40s jacket I bought when Nat and I went on out on our play date. The jacket is very close fitting but a beautiful shape, all hour glass curves and sharp tailoring. The angle of the pockets are particularly pleasing and the colour! It's a lovely wintry moss colour with a matching lining.

It was made for someone with less inclination for egg and bacon rolls than me, or at least someone with an industrial strength corset. However, I'm not the kind of woman to let my waist line stand in the way of a fabulous jacket. Thus I headed for my What Do I Keep In Here Again? box and fished for a solution:

This is a lovely old enamel belt buckle that is aching to be used and loved again. Here is my plan:

1. Dry clean jacket.
2. Sit in front of TV, quaff a pot of tea and sew buckle on fresh green jacket while watching Stardust for the 58th time.
3. Wear jacket at earliest opportunity.

I will keep you posted. Literally.