Sunday, April 3, 2011

Look upon the wondering sky

O, weekends. What's not to love. 

There was the Rugby on Friday night. 

I lamented my inability to take sharply focused shots and envied the press photographers their superior skills and giant lenses. 

But it wasn't all envy. I had great reason to be grateful too. This, for example, this that I stalked and coveted on ebay for an eternity, this that was waiting for me in a USPS box when I got home. 
This, my Balenciaga bag. 

There was food too. 
And coffee, a thick shot of expresso tempered with a spurt of steamed milk. 
And the shopping, the ironing, the family lunch, the washing and the cleaning, and the supermarket, where I saw this. 
The broken and bloody wine bottle and behind me, graciously allowing me a second to take my crime scene photograph, a sweet girl in an apron, armed with a dripping mop. 

And that's it. Time to pack my lunch box, choose a black dress and welcome the next week.