Friday, February 25, 2011

If the court pleases

This week has been a lovely one. I've unpacked very slowly, watched loads of washing dry in the warm Sydney sun, re-arranged my wardrobe, talked at length with my cat girls, dusted surfaces with extra care, read about life for young priests in their first year at a catholic seminary, found a handbag I thought I'd lost, run myself into a sweaty, aching, grateful mess at the gym and had breakfasts and lunches with friends I adore. And there were pancakes. 

I never get to do these good things during working weeks. 

But these pleasures come at a price - I've not been able to see what my friend and colleague Nat has been wearing. There are days I only go to work to see what Nat is wearing.  I've mentioned Nat before; she is an exceptionally accomplished lawyer, a creative soul who is blessed with exquisite dress sense and the most perfect taste. Yesterday she was in court and, in a sea of black robes and steel pinstripes, stood out like a hummingbird against a mob of starlings and not only because of her sharp mind. 

The Crown's submission: 
Black mohair blend Orla Kiely top with silver peter pan collar (from London) 
Marni silk skirt (from Harvey Nichols in London)
Jonathan Aston tights (London again)
Black Chie Mihara mary janes from eBay 
Not in shot but you can picture it: black Marc Jacob bag from NY.  

The photograph was taken by my other learned friend,  the Shillings staff photographer who is close to earning his royal warrant for services to keeping my blog illustrated and relevant. 

Ah, friends. Is there is anything in life quite so wonderful? Well, okay, that Marni skirt, but you know what I mean.