Saturday, January 29, 2011

Filling in the missing paint-by-numbers colours

Some days are more satisfying than others. Today was a very unsatisfying day. 

No matter. I fixed it up with a plate of Vietnamese noodles tonight, and then tweaked it with a handful of chocolate, a copy of Lucky and two re-runs of Law and Order. ("You have the right to remain silent." That's a very powerful suggestion. Sometimes I'd like to Miranda people on my bus in the morning. But that's a another matter.) 

I'm continuing my therapy this weekend with the application of a favourite handbag and earrings: 

Note: they're both blue. The earrings are cordierite, or water sapphires. In fact they have nothing to do with sapphires and I'm not sure what irresponsible person dubbed them thus. They're pretty stones regardless, a sort of blue-violet colour. When people ask about them I always get confused and say "They're water chestnuts" which might explain why I don't have many friends. 
The bag is by Anya Hindmarch and was an eBay score. I stalked it for weeks until the price came down. It's perfect for the weekend - pleasant colour, lots of room yet not distracting. 

What was distracting today was the humidity.  I dressed in a plain Jigsaw dress and some Aerosoles shoes I forgot I owned - they were hiding up the back of the back of my wardrobe and were only discovered as I hunted for a pair of red shoes I thought I had (turns out I didn't, unless they're hiding too). And yes, the Mulberry bag which is turning out to be one of my most faithful accessories.  My outfit photo shows me at the end of the day , worn down by the heavy moist air and a head full of curls that will take no direction at all.  I intended the photo to be a sort of a redeeming, explanatory epilogue of the rather unpleasant day but the phone rang and ... well, see for yourself: a woman who needs understanding and a plate of Vietnamese noodles if ever there was one. 
I love the colour of the shoes. They don't really go with anything yet work with everything. 

Perhaps that could be my motto.