Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hold the front page

Sydney, 29 March 2011

The unnecessary absence of the blogger Baxter Shilling has been explained.

"Basically I'm just busy and really disorganised," Baxter announced today. "I kept meaning to blog but got stuck in the office, then I had to unload the dishwasher, then I couldn't decide what to wear for nearly four hours .... I'm just really vague sometimes."

Baxter's failure to blog was masked somewhat by good intentions.

"I thought about blogging," she muttered with a sad face. "I mean, I thought about it A LOT. And I took lots of pictures on the weekend at the Rozelle markets.
"See? That's the cardigan I bought at Old Navy in San Francisco, over the Sportsgirl lace tunic which in turn is layered over the Target black slip, which I've teamed with Gap treggings - no, really, that's what they're called - and Aerosole zebra print flats. And the bag is Mulberry."
"I totally bought that belt", she added.

Baxter was less enthused in response to the clothes she wore to the office this week.

"I thought I nailed it on Monday," she confessed, "what with the Prada skirt, the Zara blouse and J Crew cardigan. The colours were great."
"But the proportions were all wrong. I think the skirt needs to be teamed with a more fitted top."

Baxter confirmed that she bough the citrine crystals in New York while the garnet stick pin was a op shop find.
"Ah, stickpins. They're brilliant for keeping skirts closed on windy days." Baxter said as she grew wistful.  "It's great skirt - the colour is exactly the shade of Cadbury milk chocolate. I just wished I'd worn it differently."

Tuesday was only slightly better.

"I do love a black suit. It's comfortable and doesn't distract you when you're glued to desk all day writing  reports.

"This one is a mix of Jigsaw trousers, a Max Mara jacket - remember the one I got in an op-shop? Well, that one - and a thrifted woollen vest and a thrifted T.M Lewin shirt." When asked about the untucked shirt Baxter was repentant.  "I should have tucked the shirt in. It's always difficult for me to remember anything I do or thiink before 10 am but I'm fairly certain I was having what experts call a Jack Kerouac moment."
"The jewellery almost makes up of my lack of polish," Baxter added. "The pendant came from a thrift store in Brooklyn and the earrings from another thrift store in Manhattan. And because I'm a little obsessed with stickpins this week, I wore an amethyst one that I found in Katoomba a few years ago."

Asked if she would be more reliable with her blog this week Baxter grew troubled. "It's diffiuclt to say," she said. "Work is really busy at the moment and I'm just not getting the clothes right. But I'm feeling a high proportion of pencil skirt love so tomorrow might be the turning point."

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