Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things to do, purposes to be served & a bag of chips, please

I crossed paths with this very impressive male at a zoo recently. He wanders around all day, attending to various bird tasks and making submissions to all the food outlets for hot chips. I love his focus and determination as he heads to door of this cafe. He's not supposed to to eat hot chips but frankly I don't know how you could refuse him anything. I'd hand over my phone, watch, wallet and hot chips if he asked.

Tomorrow is a busy day for me. I have meetings, an ornery document to complete and a couple of issues to negotiate. I feel like I should be wearing something utilitarian like a boiler suit (or maybe a garland of bright blue and green feathers) but have instead narrowed it down to this:

This is a light navy jacket from an Australian store called Von Troska. I love this store because the clothes are elegant and last forever. They also have the best sales which is when I visit. With purpose. I like it with this:

This makes me feel almost as powerful as I imagine that tail makes our chip-eating friend feel. It's very pretty.
It's a piece of Czechoslovakian glass I found it at a flea market years ago for a few dollars. It's a hard thing to team with work clothes but when I can manage it, I always feel it sends out a definite message - "don't mess me with me for I'm wearing a pendant the colour of CLEMENTINES."

Sadly this is as far as I've got with tomorrow's outfit. I'm going to have to factor in a skirt (I'm thinking beige) and some shoes (absolutely no idea. I wish I had some clementine coloured shoes.).

What are you wearing today?