Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And I wore a trench coat and all

Here's what I didn't look like today, which is a pity, because I adore this look.

No amount of lacquer, threats or patience would persuade my hair to adopt that soft tousled perfection.

But I can guarantee that this is the bag in which I take my clothes to the dry cleaners. It's also a very handy fleamarketing bag, and one that interests a lot of people. Its origin is a frequent topic. Sometimes I say I bought it in a market in Ohio, other times I claim it was my mother's, depending on how irresponsible I feel. In fact I bought it on eBay for four dollars. The postage was eighteen dollars, and that satisfies me enormously.

I didn't look like this today either, which is simply unfair.

That smashing, early Wonder Woman pose on the right is expertly executed by Norma Shearer in The Women, one of my all-times favourite films. If you haven't seen it you must, not only for the razor sharp dialogue but for the fabulous clothes.

I have limited patience with films unless everyone gets to the point very quickly and has an interesting wardrobe.

It is ridiculously wet in Sydney at the moment; I have a range of early summer frocks hanging sadly in my wardrobe, waiting for their break while my black trousers are working overtime. Tomorrow I might wear a boxy jacket I bought at an op shop and if I do, it will give me the opportunity to rabbit on about unexpected kindness, how much I like pockets and this bloke: