Thursday, August 25, 2011

The shoe fits

Another day, another endless to-do list, another black dress - but today Spring stuck it's pink nose around the corner so the tights and boots stayed in the wardrobe. Out with the sheer tights, and out with the black glace leather Ferragamos. 

These are the Vara pumps, a staid, low heeled shoe that Ferragamo has been making since 1978. They're a little stodgy, a little refined and very respectable. 

The defining feature is the gold plate in the centre of the grosgrain bow. It really lights up in the Spring sun. 

I'm not sure how Ferragamo sizes work - their shoes are notoriously narrow. I am wearing a 9 on my size 8 foot. They fit comfortably, but there's no room to spare. I imagine all the models and fitters at the Ferragamo factory to be long lean women with feet like flamingos. 

I have another migraine today so flat, dependable and slightly school-marm shoes were a great comfort.
If the migraines continue tomorrow I'm thinking about stomping into work in trainers.