Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pin it up

Brooches! I love them. I own dozens - enamel, marcasite, plain silver, a couple of gold, some prim, others are great big hand-print sized things. I am indiscriminate about where I will pin a brooch. Sometimes you'll see them twinkling on my lapel, other times I use them as a kilt pin and if I am lucky enough to go somewhere demanding sparkle at night I'll pin one to a head band.

My friend, work neighbour and colleague took this extreme close up of one of my favourites last week. He has a new lens for his camera and calls it a "glass". I find that expression charming. Later he enhanced the photo on his computer so my scar is gone. I was quite excited to see me scarless.

Mon brooch:

The vest I have pinned it to is a favourite, not only because it is merino wool and the perfect boxy shape, but because it cost me four dollars at the Newtwon Markets. The two necklaces are also flea markets finds from Surry Hills.