Sunday, October 10, 2010

My moon's in Cancer too

Weekends without too many plans are my favourite. I'm able to spend the free time doing a whole raft of largely unsatisfying chores that will invite a relatively trouble free week - reading all the papers, six loads of washing, the resultant ironing, buying the groceries, making my lunch for the week:
And if you make a good list and stick to it, you have time for to play too. On Saturday I had lunch with a friend who has the best sense of humour, but not before I went to a flea market where I paid twenty dollars to take possession of this:

It's an English Waldybag. It has the most beautiful enamel clasp, and is made from a delicately embroidered satin:

Waldybags were very popular during the 1940s and 1950s. They even had a Royal warrant. This is my third Waldybag and my smallest. Kate kindly agreed to help illustrate the bag's dainty dimensions.

The same market provided two very handy old ceramic bowls, both of which were made in local potteries in the 1950s. They minded the more savoury ingredients for this week's lunch.

It was a great weekend. Everything was in colour, and everything was finished. The week ahead is packed with a whole raft of dreary tasks, meetings and things that will never be finished on time but at least I'll be doing them in clean ironed clothes. And let's not forget lunch.