Friday, August 27, 2010

Entirely unreliable

Somebody I know emailed me last night and told me they had been reading my blog. I was very surprised - I had just about forgotten I had a blog.

I'm very fond of diaries and particluarly fond of this one that requires no biro and allows me to whack in photos of entirely unrelated things, like the fattest cat in Paris who I've called upon to open this post.

Anyway, the thing is, I'm busy, have a short attention span, suffer from bouts of crippling self loathing and bleakness wherein I am painfully aware of how great every other blog in the world is and how stale bread-dry mine is. But the other thing is, I love writing the blog the same way I love buying huge bags of M&Ms and shovelling handfuls of them in my mouth.

So I'm just going to.


  1. Good! I like your blog and was happy to see your update in my reader. Welcome back!

  2. Thank you Sheila! I read your blog daily and enjoy it very much. I loved your travel log particularly. I have also developed a sizable crush on Inigo. Your encouragement is welcomed and much appreciated.

  3. ha ha I'm so glad you posted the pic of the fat cat. Made my day.

  4. He was a very nice cat! He lived at this very swish apartment building on the Left Bank in Paris & rolled at me in an affectionate way when I approached (he couldn"t really walk). I think he rather enjoyed handfuls of m&ms too or some cat equivalent - he was a big boy.

  5. Hurray! So glad you're back. We have missed you here in BlogNation.

    And the Vampire Cat is cheered to see that his French colleagues are lapping him in the girth department. Of course, now he is demanding more cream in his diet, citing the French paradox.

  6. Thank you, DM - it is nice to be back! I have been keeping up with your blog and find myself standing hands on hips, head held high, feet menancingly apart, at every concievable opportunity. Also: I love your boots too.