Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So much love and it's everywhere

Isn't this fabulous? Its my uber-stylish friend Nat who was married on the Saturday just gone. The dress is Chanel, the tights are Wolford and ...

...her phenomenal shoes are Pierre Hardy. It was a wonderful wedding, although Saturday was an unseasonably cold day for Sydney in October. I had to re-think my wardrobe entirely and alas, did not wear my orange dress.

Instead I wore a pearl colored Armani dress and a velvet coat I got in the Salvation Army on Third Avenue for ten dollars last March. My partner in crime wore his Good Suit. He had been very busy decorating the car (which was used to transport the gorgeous bride to the ceremony).

While he measured white ribbon, much industry was being undertaken in our bathroom.

It was all very lovely. We had both had fiendishly busy weeks and usually our Saturday mornings are filled with chores, exhaustion or, in the worst case scenario, more work. Driving out to a heritage harbour homestead and watching a simple and very meaningful wedding ceremony was a lovely tonic. The ceremony was beautiful and the food included fish and chips (which I haven't shut up about. They were glorious.) Best of all, the wedding cake wasn't big and lumpy and marzipan infested but small and dainty and festooned with stars:
The bride made them all herself, the day before the wedding! She said they helped keep her calm. Another lovely feature of the wedding was Mary's shoes:

Aren't they fabulous? Mary is a friend of the groom and she bought these shoes for the wedding. She wouldn't have been able to if I had seen them first. Nat's sister Nic also had some excellent shoes - a pair of Chie Maharas that she snapped up on sale for 75% 0ff.

I cried during the ceremony because true love and kindness always makes me cry. While I reached for my hankie I thought how every couple's wedding is their own personal history that they share with their friends and family. Everyone's is different. What is the best wedding you've been to? If you're married, what's was your wedding like? Was there cake?


  1. What a lovely event! And a great post.

    I like when people individualize their wedding so it reflects who they are. Nat certainly did that. I love the clothes and "cake".

    At my wedding a decade ago, my wife secretly had a wedding-cake topper made of a motorcycle, which looked really cool. She calls motorcycles my "second love."

  2. Best wedding was definitely the wedding of A-Dubs and the Dubs-Hubs. She wore a custom kelly green silk gown for the ceremony and a pink, sparkly cocktail number for the reception, in which she danced a tango. I was an attendant and I was allowed to wear anything I wanted (well, I wasn't allowed to wear a Metallica t-shirt and cut-offs, which I, of course, suggested) and we each carried a purse instead of a bouquet, because, really, what are you supposed to do with all your stuff? A-Dubs was a most human and humane bride and it was a marvelous, marvelous time. I wore a dove grey plaid taffeta(ish) wrap dress and red patent slingbacks to accompany A-Dubs down the aisle to a live jazz quartet playing Europe's The Final Countdown. It was a very personal and personalised wedding and I was lucky to be a part of it.

  3. Ooo, and your friend Nat looks lovely. She has the best tights.

  4. Shybiker, it's the little touches like the motorcycle topper that actually make weddings.It was a lovely gesture from your wife and I bet all the guests loved it too. Dorky, A-Dubs wedding just got better with every sentence - kelly green, a tango (A TANGO for God;s sake), patent red pumps & purses - and then it went off the scale with The Final Countdown. Frankly the tshirt & cutoffs would have been lost amongst all that other fabulousness. The plaid dress actually sounds like the only bridesmaid's dress I've ever liked. And Nat has got the best tights. She is Lord of the Seriously Nice Tights.

  5. Awesome post - great pictures (I like the feet/shoe pictures).

    Best wedding? Mine! I wore my mom's dress, my hubby wore a vintage Nehru jacket, and it was fairly casual. My mom made us two cakes: a groom's cake (vanilla with lemon/cheese filling) and the bride's cake (chocolate with chocolate pudding filling). The guests had their choice of cake with a fruit kebab for dessert.

  6. Thank you Sheila! Your wedding sounds so nice - have you ever posted a picture of your dress? Meanwhile chocolate cake with chocolate pudding filling will be at the centre of my dreams for weeks.

  7. Mine was with a David's Bridal (a US chain wedding dress store) gown- it was nothing like what I had in mind, but way better! Veil borrowed from my sister, my grandmother's crystal necklace woven into my hair and her crystal bracelet on my wrist, and blue pedicure. My sister was the minister. And I surprised Hubby by having one of his favorite songs for the first dance. The unique part of mine was the wedding march song was Annie Lennox "Love Song for a Vampire"