Friday, November 26, 2010

The weekend! Oh, and whiskers. Don't forget whiskers.

There are no mittens in my glove drawer and I haven't much time for string. Notwithstanding, these are few of my favourite things:

Brooches on wool coats

Pansies in the park

The old wood cooker in my kitchen


Carefully washed hairbrushes dried in the sun. (Every three weeks my friends, every three weeks.)

Grandmother coat hangers from op shops. Knitted (or otherwise crafted) coat hangers can't be beat. Always inexpensive, always a wonderful example of some dexterous woman's unpaid labour, always pretty and always superior to clanging wire hangers. My inordinately patient spouse literally trembles when he sees me looking at coat hangers in op shops. Here we see a pink crochet number carefully supporting a vintage silk Bill Blass dress that makes several appearances in the summer months.

Gardenias! They make me swoon.

Choosing my jewellery in the morning and remembering where I was when I bought it.

Sorting the ironing and establishing a new colony of orphaned spousal socks. (Where are all the missing sockmates? The world must be littered with them.)

Vintage handbags. Here is a small selection including Pucci, Bottega Veneta, Missoni and Dries Van Noten.

And most importantly ...

I hope you have lots of favourite things coming your way this weekend.


  1. Beautiful choices. Oh, and I think I have some of your missing socks... :)

  2. Ohmigod. Seriously!? Every three weeks? I'm soooooo behind on that one.

    Also, 'love the whiskers (and the kitty nose). Adore them.

  3. What a fabulous cat photo, Baxter! I like your list of favorite things, especially your cat & your cooker, & am impressed by your hairbrush fastidiousness.

    Aren't crocheted hangers the best? A couple were in the closets here when I bought this house & I love them.

  4. Shybiker, I laughed out loud - I've been looking for those socks; I should have guessed they'd floated around the world! A-Dubs, I might be a tad too obsessive about washing my brushes; I should confess that I enjoy the suds as much as I relish the cleanliness. Charlotte, thank you - I am very fond of the cooker too. I like to think it helps me appear a far more competent cook than I'll ever be. Also, it makes miracles with pots of vegetabes and spices, and nothing comes close for drying clothes in damp weather.