Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You have to smile

Usually I come staggering out the gym in a lather of sweat and exhaustion, fit for little more than gentle questioning and a hot bath. On Saturday morning though it's different because the dog salon nearby is open and many of the clients are looking out the window.

It's an odd thing - I never see a cross dog in there. As you walk past a small group will run to the window, tails wagging, evident pride in their newly clipped nails and freshly washed coats. Invariably I am sans camera but not this week - and thank God, because I doubt I'll ever see as sweet a smile as this again.


  1. Adorable! Dogs show us how to really be happy.

  2. Ah, Baxter! What a grin this one has. I love that dogs are able to smile. And they DO.

  3. They sure do, Shybiker. They also teach us to be comfortable in our own skins. I've never seen a dog fretting about thier appearance. Charlotte, it's true - dogs certainly can smile. John Steinbeck alerted me to that (Cannery Row, I think) so I make a point of smiling at dogs when ever I meet one.