Friday, December 31, 2010

Come in, sit down, have some cake

The clock is ticking fast in Sydney; 2010 is slipping out under the front door for all time, while the Year of the Rabbit has snuck in around the back and is about to undo the latch.

I started this blog back in February with the sole intention of posting travel photos for a couple of colleagues. It turned out to be a good deal more fun than I envisaged, and the communication with so many clever people was an added bonus. That these delightful clever people have publicly declared their allegiance as followers is a never ending source of pleasure to me: that eight of you follow me is at least eight more followers than I expected. Thank you all for coming by, and thank you too for not only reading the posts but taking the time to comment. Your thoughts are regularly the highlight of my day.

Allow me to offer you a rainbow lorikeet as a token of my esteem and gratitude:
And to you lurkers - thank you also for taking the time to read! Few things can remind you of your place in the world as quickly as noting that someone in Germany, Brazil, Malaysia, Slovenia or Lithuania has taken time to read about my dresses. (Seriously - Brazil! Lithuania! Slovenia! Brazil! Germany! Wow!)

Please accept a lilac rose with my compliments.
Special thanks to and, both of whom have posted links to the Shillings on their blog. I send you a magical singing chicken with gratitude:
I hope you, the lurking countries and Charlotte, Shybiker, Sheila, Lawyerdoll, Jenarcissist, E-Dubs, D-Med and my learned friend Luke will now join me for some cake. It's made with real cream.

But just excuse me a minute while I unlock the back door.


  1. Are you the sweetest?! It's OUR pleasure to read your blog.

    And that bird is the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time.

  2. It's delicious, dear Baxter! Real cream? I can taste it in every decadent bite.

    And the singing chicken is a marvel!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks Shybiker. I'm glad you like the lorikeet - Sydney is full of them. They are delightful creatures - they love fruit and walk like cowboys!

    The cake comes from a local baker who prides herself on being the last of the real cream cake cooks, Charlotte - they're a treat and you're right, absolutely delicious.

  4. Mmm... the cake looks great! And thanks for the rose, its so pretty!

    Happy New Year!

  5. What lovely gifts! And I dearly love chickens, even non-magical ones. A friend who lived in the country used to have one (Henny Penny) and she (the chicken, not my friend) would run up to our car coming up the drive, meet us as we got out and squat down to tell us that she wanted us to pet her. A chicken is the most thoughtful pressie! And I also love magic and singing.

  6. Yay! Chicken!!! I should send you a pic of my chicken sculpture, it's adorable.