Thursday, December 9, 2010

So many miles before I get to sleep

The holiday period is approaching. I can't quite see it in the distance but I can hear it. It sounds like a clean house, decidedly un-suitlike clothes and impractical handbags covered in roses.

I love needlepoint purses so badly that a while ago a few of my friends planned to stage an intervention. It would have made no difference. This one is a particular favourite. The woman who sold it to me insisted the original owner/maker was an airline pilot in the Second World War. Sometimes the thought thrills, other times it seems unlikely.

No matter. It is a wonderful purse.

These grand old purses frequently include a small coin purse of matching taffeta tucked inside. Not this one. I like to think the owner stared defiantly at her needleworking mates, squeezed her mouth very tight and declared, "The hell with your taffeta! My coin purse will have roses too!"

And it does.


  1. Beautiful purse. It must make a person happy just to hold it. It's like artwork in your hand.

  2. Oh my! I like to think the pilot was a man, making this lovely needlepoint for his lady back home. It's very beautiful, Baxter.

  3. Wow, that is a lovely purse! I used to know a male nurse who did the most wonderful petitpoint - guys are just as good at needlework as gals!

  4. *drool* That could just inspire me to take my (not as amazing, but still really nice) petit-point purse off the closet shelf.

  5. Yes Shybiker, it is like a work of art, the pilot was very skilled. I'm glad you like it!

    Thank you Charlotte - you have me thinking now - I wonder if it was a gift for a wife?

    It's true, Sheila. I've known a couple of guys who were really good knitters too. Some guys hide their ccraft skills under a bushel.

    Thank you Lawyerdoll...I'm looking forward to seeing your purse soon!