Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things to do, purposes to be served & a bag of chips, please

I crossed paths with this very impressive male at a zoo recently. He wanders around all day, attending to various bird tasks and making submissions to all the food outlets for hot chips. I love his focus and determination as he heads to door of this cafe. He's not supposed to to eat hot chips but frankly I don't know how you could refuse him anything. I'd hand over my phone, watch, wallet and hot chips if he asked.

Tomorrow is a busy day for me. I have meetings, an ornery document to complete and a couple of issues to negotiate. I feel like I should be wearing something utilitarian like a boiler suit (or maybe a garland of bright blue and green feathers) but have instead narrowed it down to this:

This is a light navy jacket from an Australian store called Von Troska. I love this store because the clothes are elegant and last forever. They also have the best sales which is when I visit. With purpose. I like it with this:

This makes me feel almost as powerful as I imagine that tail makes our chip-eating friend feel. It's very pretty.
It's a piece of Czechoslovakian glass I found it at a flea market years ago for a few dollars. It's a hard thing to team with work clothes but when I can manage it, I always feel it sends out a definite message - "don't mess me with me for I'm wearing a pendant the colour of CLEMENTINES."

Sadly this is as far as I've got with tomorrow's outfit. I'm going to have to factor in a skirt (I'm thinking beige) and some shoes (absolutely no idea. I wish I had some clementine coloured shoes.).

What are you wearing today?


  1. Nothing as snazzy as you! That necklace is amazing. Truly amazing.

    And thanks for the adorable photo of the peacock. Too beautiful for words.

  2. Oh, I adore that pendant! It looks like cinnabar. A touch of that in an outfit--very powerful indeed.

    I have to introduce a writer at a reading tonight so I'll need to dress up a bit. No clue in what, though. Right now it's jeans & a sweater.

  3. Peacocks are nasty birds. But beautiful!

    I love that pendant - so fab. Do you have a patterned skirt with a bit of red or orange in it? That would work well with the necklace. And I think you are going to have to get red shoes. :)

    I'm wearing um...(I packed it in my backpack last night, can barely remember, and won't put it on for nearly an hour - I haven't left for work yet) a purple pencil skirt, a leopard blouse and a black boyfriend jacket.

  4. Thank you for your lovely words, Shybiker! I do love a good bird too - I love how they wander around, completely oblivious to how lovely they are.
    Thank you Charlotte ... I'd be curious to know what you wore for introduction duties!
    Sheila, I admire your adept organisation skills. And you're right - I definitely need some red shoes. I'm taking that as an order and on the hunt now (any excuse!)