Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Everything sold (to me) is blue again

Blue is not really my colour. I can get away with teal occasionally and sometimes look refreshed in pale blue, but for the most part shades of blue do nothing for me. I mean that literally - grey marle makes me look corpse like, red makes me look as if I'm about to combust and take several suburbs with me, black makes me look cranky - but when I wear blue, nothing happens. I just disappear. 
Having said that, I love this dress. 

It's a piece of silk-cotton polka dot loveliness by local designer Anna Thomas. I found it reduced and reduced and reduced at a sale, and bought it despite the fact it was two (count 'em) sizes too big and navy blue. The size problem is evident at my waist where the best intentions of a belt are thwarted. I don't care. It's soft and light and very comfortable for a day in the office. 

In fact, I liked it so much that when I found a matching blouse from the same range at the same sale (also too big) I bought it too. 

What surprises me is how the colour doesn't ignore or despise me. I've had this relationship with blue lately. We seem to be getting on a little better and subsequently it is worming its way into my wardrobe and affections. 

That's the trapeze dress I hauled back from the seventies last week. She made her 21st century debut with a Petit Bateau tank, a Liberty bag and a pair of preposterous Birkenstocks in - you guess it - 

blue. Though to be fair there is a goodly amount of silver mesh in there too. May I also add that I love having lavender toenails. 
Oh, and before I forget, wearing blue does allow some exciting shoe leeway. I wore the Ferragamos with the Anna Thomas dress: 
Both parties were very happy with the arrangement. 
Sydney sagged in the heat today, about 36 degrees Celsius' worth of melting. (For those of you tuning in from the Fahrenheit regions, that's about 98). Amidst oppressive heat and humidity, I packed my bag for the US.  It's difficult to guess exactly what I'll be needing in San Francisco in February. All the books say layers, all the people who've been there say a coat. I'd be grateful for any clues. 
But look: six dresses, four pairs of leggings, eight pairs of opaque tights, three long sleeve t-shirts and some light silk knit vests ...
...all in one standard carry-on case. Moral of the story: The more you travel, the better you pack and the more shopping you can put in your big check-in luggage. 
Seriously though - San Francisco, Nevada, Los Angeles, February: not as cold as New York, no? A scarf and a trench coat should keep me warm - or not? 


  1. The blue dress! It's adorable. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    San Francisco has beautiful weather and never gets very cold. Its streets are incredibly steep and, when I visited, I asked what they do when it snows. People looked at me funny and said it NEVER snows there. (Here in NY, it's snowing right now.)

    I just checked: SF is 50-degrees F which means cool but not cold. You can get away with a light coat.

  2. Yes, a scarf and trench coat should be fine. San Fran has similar weather to my region (Vancouver/Seattle).

    That is a lovely dress - that navy shade is great on you.

  3. I especially like the second dress, Baxter. And blue is good on you. You're so comical sometimes.

    Layers are the key. SF is pleasant year-round, as everyone upstairs is telling you. Nevada has a lot of desert, which means more dramatic temperature changes in day/night. The nights can be cold, right around freezing.

    The West is incredibly bright--the sunlight seems to have a much higher wattage than on the East Coast.

  4. I must disagree... take a coat! I've been in SF in December, and I wore my long wool/cashmere coat with gloves and a scarf. I also had to buy a sweatsuit because I was freezing in July.

    For LA, you can likely get by with long sleeved shirts. You may want a light jacket for nighttime.

    You will need short sleeves for Vegas, with a jacket or sweater for night.

    Have fun on your trip, and post outfit/scenic photos!

  5. Shy, I've heard San Francisco winters are very similar to Sydney winters - chilly in the morning and evening, mild during the day, so I'm hoping the trench will suffice.

    Sheila, I have packed my scarf on your recommendation. I'm glad you like the dress!

    The trapeze dress is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine too, Charlotte - it is so comfortable. I am very curious about the desert weather and the night skies in Nevada - I'm wondering if I might end up buying coat as I travel. (Maybe a blue one!)

    Lawyerdoll, I hadn't even considered gloves but I've packed them now. Your advice is good - and you can be sure I will posting lots of shots, most of which are bound to feature me eating Raisinettes.

    Thank you all for taking the time to offer me sound advice - it has been noted and acted upon!

  6. Your blue dress is fantastic, and I think the color does quite a lot for you. Would you consider having the dress and blouse taken in by a tailor?

    Please consider me a third party made happy by the Ferragamo arrangement.