Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Greetings from Planet Bork

The good news is I got some great scarves yesterday while on a business trip. The bad news is I get migraines and I have one tonight.  Please forgive me the lateness of my post and forgive me again if the blog becomes unintelligible. 

The migraine is unexpected. I used to get several a month but lately it appeared my body forget this because I haven't been afflicted since November.  No reason, though, for you not to see my latest photos. My rather splendid spouse offered to take the Saturday shots; I agreed on the condition he make me look like Charlotte Rampling circa 1982. "But you already do," he said without cracking a smile. 

 Simple Saturday clothes: Levis 504s - pennies on eBay, cotton crochet tunic - on the $29 dollars rack at Sportsgirl, Jacquetta bag by Mulberry and purchased in London, 2007, Birkenstocks via eBay. 

I especially love the bag. It is quite the warhorse and has many scars but it has maintained its marvelous milky-plum colour. 

You may also notice I'm wearing some jewellery, or in fact guessed that I'm wearing jewellery because I always do. 

I'm rather devoted to dress clips and have been known to clip them to any garment. I also set old clip-on earrings to work in the same way. 

The pendant is rather special too - a whole chain of little silver roses from the early twentieth century and a very clever silversmith: 
And here's a scoop - I've found where the 1970s went and will present proof tomorrow. Hint: they're pretty close to here: 

I'll show you the scarves too. 


  1. That necklace is wonderful! I hope your migraine gets better soon!

  2. Do you feel better yet? I admire your determination to post despite your suffering, and I especially appreciate the lovely pieces you feature in this post. Can we see the shoes in close-up, too? Because they look awesome.

  3. Thanks Sheila...I have recovered. Never underestimate the healing powers of fried potatoes and blue vein cheese!

    Yes A-Dubs, I'm back to normal. I'm glad you noticed the shoes - they're my favourites. I will feature them in forensic detail later this week.