Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The attractions of the next world

Exhibit A: 

An amateur, obviously. This is not my shopping debris.  It belongs to some woman down the hall who went to the Auto Convention in the weekend just past. I include the photo to make my own profligate behavious appear mild. 

This is mine. Well, some of it. Exhibit B:

 Contents include this charming silk blouse by Twelve by Twelve...

.. which I got down at one of the wonderful vintage clothing stores in Haight Ashbury for six dollars. There's also this Missoni bag...

and this heart-breakingly beautiful silver citron pendant: 
 This seemingly innocuous little barkcloth bag is holding all the vintage jewellery I've bought so far. 

There's room for maybe a couple more pairs of earrings. I've also bought shoes. Lots of shoes. And some dresses. And a couple of tops. Oh, and a coat. And shoes, did I say shoes?

We put our boots to work today and wandered over many districts. We went here for lunch in Nobs Hill...
...which is where you should go too if you're ever in the market for an excellent vegetable omelette. The man in my life drank this:
I commend to you the chocolate chip peanut butter milkshake. His testimony described the drink as "amazing" and "best milkshake I've ever had." 
When the waitress took my order something inside of me snapped and I asked for a side order of biscuits and gravy. I'd always wondered exactly what they were and now I know they're scones in a sort of cheesy white sauce. 
Having eaten these indigenous foods we felt compelled to burn up some calories, which is how we got to take photos of views like these: 
We walked up there. I would put the effort, and the amount of chocolate chip peanut butter milkshake fuel required to make the journey, on par with that needed to scale the Hindu Kush. 
It was well worth the effort. This city is so beautiful. 
We're headed out now for I'm taking my gentleman to dinner to celebrate his birthday. Fingers crossed the restaurant I've chosen also serves chocolate chip peanut butter milkshakes. 


  1. When we lived near SF (in Palo Alto) we'd drive up to Nob Hill in our VW Squareback and the car...wouldn't make it up the hill. It's a very scary feeling.

    What a haul you had at the thrift stores, Baxter!I love that silk blouse.

  2. Nice haul. And the milkshake looks yummy.

    SF is a great city to walk -- as long as you have big thighs! The hills and elevation-changes are amazing. Have you seen Lombard Street yet? (It's super-steep and curvy.)

  3. Ooh, I love all your new things! That necklace is amazing.

    I love SF for all the hills - they are sure a good workout!

  4. Your new goodies are stunning!

    Biscuits and gravy... wonderful. The gravy is white because its usually sausage gravy. Pork makes everything better.

    Biscuits aren't exactly a scone... they are peculiarly American. My biggest food shock in OZ/NZ was that KFC serves dinner rolls with fried chicken rather than biscuits. That's just sick and wrong!

    And the sweet things are cookies, dangit!