Thursday, February 24, 2011

I've always liked that dress on you

She kept singing, in a preoccupied way, while she gave close attention to her lips and eyelashes. Then she was silent and held her breath as she drew on the new dress. It was good to her. There was a reason for the cost of those perfectly plain black dresses. She stood looking at herself in the mirror with deep interest, as if she watched a chic unknown, the details of whose costume she sought to memorize. 

- Dorothy Parker
The Lovely Leave

So tell me ... which fictional character's wardrobe do you admire? 


  1. If, by fiction, you're including movies and television, I'd say Penny on "The Big Bang Theory." She's the girl on the show whose outfits are designed to stand in stark contrast to the boys. Her clothes are always youthful, feminine and colorful. I imagine wearing her clothes all the time.

  2. Funny question, Baxter.
    I tend to love novels where the female characters are good and plain, and wear good plain clothes, so I'm no help here.

  3. Shy, Mary Tyler Moore was, and still is, my TV style icon! I'm also a bit of a sucker for the heroines in historical British TV dramas. The original production of Brideshead Revisited was a miracle of perfect costuming.

    Charlotte, Jane Eyre is one of my favourite characters. I love her descriptions of her clothes as an orphan and governess. I like to think the Bronte sisters discussed clothes a lot. I'm sure there would have been some interesting conversations around their sewing boxes.

  4. Mrs Dalloway. I can't find it but there's a wonderful description of a shimmering green? dress she is planning to wear to the party.