Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who buys this stuff?

Finally - I finished unpacking. There was a lot of stuff. I wondering if perhaps I didn't clear out Zara's entire US inventory, including this very interesting silk top  which I bought in Hollywood. I tried it on because I was genuinely curious to see how the ridiculously small hem would fit around the tops of my thighs. 

Turns out it doesn't - it drapes around your waist! This causes a lovely, pleated flowing effect in the prettiest colours. So, when people look at me on the street, they won't be privately judging my cake-distended abdomen. Instead they'll say, "Saints save me, that doughnut-munching woman is wearing a cleverly constructed silk blouse in a divine botanical print and there are silk rosettes artfully placed over her right lung!" 
Which is exactly the kind of effect I hope for from my clothes. 

There was posh makeup too. 
You'll note the shade of one of those lippies is Patchouli. Here is a weird fact: I don't know what that colour is. There was no tester and I haven't opened it. I have saved it for a surprise on Monday morning when I have to go back to work. I will be wearing Patchouli lipstick on Monday (unless it turns out to be a grey-sludge kind of colour, in which case the services of the reliable Jersey Road will be enlisted). 

There were a couple pairs of shoes too. 

Okay, twelve pairs of shoes. In my own defence can I say that my record is actually sixteen (London, 1998) and in any case we don't have Aerosoles in Australia. 

And more Zara blouses. This spotty number has a meeting scheduled with a charcoal pencil skirt next week. 
It has pintucks and spots, the two main requisites by me for work blouses. 

And there was a souvenir that I'm surprised wasn't confiscated by the Taste Police when we collected our stuff from the baggage carousel. 

The next time you're visiting a gift store in an exciting foreign city and wondering who actually buys this stuff, now you'll know: me. 


  1. Me, too. I love the Vegas memento. And I also greatly love how items like the silk top hang: they look so pretty that way.

  2. Hello! I just noticed that you have joined my list of followers. Thank you. Naturally I had to check who you are and Saturday´s post is enjoyable. Twelve pairs of shoes, I am impressed! Now I´ll start reading your blog backwards down.

  3. Wowee, Baxter--you really made a haul! I adore your two blouses. And next time my husband bitches at me for buying yet another pair of shoes, I'm going to tell him about your trip in which you brought 12 pairs home in a suitcase.

  4. Wow, you're really a shopper when you travel! I love the Vegas sign and that first silky blouse.

  5. You just made me want to hit Zara, and that's an impressive shoe haul! I love clothes and accessories as travel souvenirs. So much fun.

  6. I suspect patchouli may be the colour of a pair of odd grey socks that have been tied to a tabby for a week.
    I'm rather amused.

  7. It's a great top, Shybiker, and it was on sale: double win. The Vegas sign is a hoot - every time I light it up I can taste Raisinets!

    Hello Metscan! I have been lurking on your stylish blog for a while and really enjoy it. Thank you for reading mine - I hope the blog is satisfying backwards!

    Thank you Charlotte - I'm quite looking forward to wearing the spotty one particularly. And yes, I have been providing women with a favourable comparison for years - my hauls can make any shopping expedition seem perfectly restrained.

    Sheila, I am incorrigible, but the US shopping is just so good and such good value. The range (and the fabulous discounts) are amazing. Since unpacking I've officially run out of cupboard space so I probably won't be shopping for a while (sob).

    K.Bean, Zara have the best sales. The outlets in Europe never have sales racks; in the US they not only had lots but the markdowns were phenomenal. I saw the best boots - flat, brown, very well made - marked down to $29. Amazing. And you're right - Souvenir clothes and accessories are great mementos and also make dressing for work bearable.

    Hello Helga! Nice to meet you.I'm a bit nervous about the Patchouli lipstick but tabby-coloured would be cute. Anyway, it's making Monday morning something to look forward to, so it's not all bad!

  8. I love the Vegas souvenier... a little kitsch never hurt anyone!