Thursday, March 10, 2011

A flash of colour, like a parrot's wing

Today's example is one of my favourites for she ticks lots of boxes: 
*Flea market find
*Fabulous condition
*An unusual design
*Very practical - roomy and plain
*Reasonable price ($35)
*Always makes me happy when I wear it. 

Allow me to introduce Orange: 
I bought her a couple of years ago at the Kirribilli Markets in Sydney. The seller told me that Orange was bought in the United States in the late 70s but never used. (I like to think she's from Florida.)

Her long strap is detachable but she hates being carried as a clutch. Nor is Orange is interested in casual outfits; I've tried to do a dressed-down look with her many times and she just won't work. She's a at her best with heels, eye makeup and a frock. Her hardware is interesting  - the label is actually printed on a gold lozenge. 

Those nameplates are a sure fire way to pick an authentic bag.  The real McCoy will be screwed to the bag, not glued. Feel it gently, and you'll will be able to feel small bumps on the back of the plate through the leather. This works for Fendi and Prada too, both of whom fix name plates to their bags with tiny screws. Next time you see a fake Prada bag, have a look at the little triangular plate on the outside of the bag. It'll be glued on. Like stitching the bag together, this requires skill and care and is an expensive process. Fake bag makers cut costs and staff their factories with cheap labour who operate machines, not people who are actually trained to work with leather. 

Here's the Orange centrefold shot: 
I love that colour. Just thinking about this post this morning made me happy and disinclined towards black. I've omitted outfit posts for days because I've been a symphony of black. Today I wore navy, lilac and snow.
What we have here is
*a navy jacket from Von Troska's sale last year
*a silk Witchery blouse I found, still with its tags attached, in an op shop for five dollars
*a Veronika Maine skirt and 
*a Stephen Collins belt from another op shop ($3). I love this belt. 
I'm also very fond of the earrings (gold and aquamarine, another Kirribilli Markets score) and a purple pendant (Czech, from the Alameda markets). 

So there you have it - the bag that makes everything technicolour. 

What's your favourite colour  ? 


  1. Wow, that orange is so beautiful! I'm learning so much from you about vintage and quality bags - please keep doing these posts!

    You have the most amazing jewelry - all your black/navy shows it off beautifully.

  2. That is a stunning bag, Baxter--the orange of tequila sunrises! Your pendant necklaces are lovely as well.

  3. I'm watching the new about the earthquake an Japan and the pending tsunamis. Please let us know that you are OK.

  4. The necklace is marvellous, and Orange made me salivate all over my keyboard.

  5. Thank you Sheila - glad you are enjoying them.

    Appreciated Charlotte; I love that pendant too.

    Lawyerdoll - the tsunami reached Australia but didn't affect our shores. I've been kept away with other commitments. Thank you for noting my absence! It's nice to be missed.

    K.Bean, I'm on way over with a cloth and some paper towels. Glad to have provoked such a passionate reaction!