Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Glad to have sat under thunder and rain

It's soup season in Sydney. Not lovely bowls of heavy soup dusted with parmesan and served with crumpets but the soupy damp air of late summer that only grows more oppressive when there's rain. The temperature stays warm so you never really dry off. 

No amount of showering makes you feel completely rinsed. 

I was still damp from the shower and the sticky air when I chose my clothes early this morning. 
The dress is a silk floral number I bought from a second hand store in Newtown on half price day so it cost me the princely sum of six dollars. It's made in Thailand, most likely at one of the seven zillion tailoring stores in Bangkok. It has the sweetest little shoulder pads and the simple shape lends itself well to a big meaty belt. In this case the belt is a vintage Laura Ashley that I got at a garage sale for a dollar. The shoes are Aerosoles from my recent US haul and the tights, which are actually the most expensive component of this outfit, are by Wolford. Oh! And there's a slip. 
This one came from Lee Mathews summer sale last year. I love slips under silk dresses, partly because they save a lot grief and clumsy clutching of skirts should there be a gust of wind, and partly because when I get home I can do the Butterfield 8 Thing. 

Best use of a silk slip ever. 

Incidentally I stopped smoking five years ago today. I welcome any kind of praise, sympathy and acknowledgement and am not too proud to advertise for it. 


  1. I love that you're doing more outfit-posts: your clothes are really cute. And I get the "Butterfield 8" reference. Congrats on kicking the tobacco habit.

  2. Huzzah! Five years smoke free! Excellent work!

    Also, you're like a master of the master thrifters. That dress is indeed divine. I'm impressed that you braved tights - even these "pricey" ones - in such atrocious weather.

  3. Well done,possum!!! You'll be up a ripe old pash by way of celebration,I feel!
    Pretty frock,I love the pattern/colours...and that slip peeking out looks heavenly.I like Lee Matthews asthetic(sp?!).
    You're in Sydney? Sarah and I will be there next week!!!

  4. Thank you, Shy! I love the clothes posts too. Liz Taylor in a slip = heaven. No if only I could get a usable picture from somewhere.

    You got me thinking about why an otherwise sane woman would wear tights in 95 per cent humidity, A-Dubs, and I explored this habit on my post today. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Thank you Helga - pashing is on the agenda. I like Lee Mathews too - but only on sale. Are you and Sarah going to Rozelle Markets? If you haven't been, you must - it is the best vintage shopping in Sydney on a Saturday! And don't forget the Cat Protection society op-shop...actually, I might send you an email!