Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mists and mellow fruitfulness

Slightly, almost imperceptibly, Autumn is creeping in. It's still warm and damp, the days are still long but the light is changing just a little. The summer fruits are growing less common at the grocery store, the flowering plants are a little thinner. 

Nothing particular happened today. I wore comfortable Sunday clothes and found it difficult to focus on how to display them. 

 I need to clean out the top shelf of my wardrobe. 
And dust the dressing table. 
And clean the mirror. 

But back to the task at hand: shoes and jewels: 

The top/tunic/dress is from the sale rack from a local hippy store. The jeans are J Brand and the green cami is from Target (in Sydney). On my feet we have Birkenstocks and Opi's Cuckoo about the Colour on my toes. There's a french scarf clip attached to a silver chain and my sybils on the longer chain. My wedding ring is on that chain too. I always wear the sybils when I travel on planes. I figure that if there is a tragedy they could use them to identify me. 

On Sunday I read the weekend papers, fold washing and, should I go out, carry a big bag. This one is co-production from Liberty of London and Jigsaw (Australia). 
I love the fabric. So pretty. 
And there's the groceries. I make a concerted effort to take my own lunch every day and my kindly spouse looks for suitable, unexpected ingredients to prevent feeding-boredom. This week is was relishes, a new olive oil to use when saute-ing vegetables and some rose petal jelly. 

Rose petal jelly! I had no idea such a thing existed. I summonsed my finest, freshest sour dough to learn more. 
Nice, but sweet. It needed a balancing flavour. 
Peanut butter - perfect. Rose petal jelly is certain to keep this week's eating interesting. Bonus: it contains real rose petals. They're surprisingly chewy. 

Lunch tomorrow (and Tuesday) features roasted beetroot, parsnip, swede, onion, potato and sweet potato and a specil guest appearance by some vegetarian sausages that are made from beans and grains. I've had a sneak preview and they are scrumptious. 

And that's it really, except for Kate, undertaking her ablutions on the window sill. 
I hope you all have a lovely start to your week. 


  1. I love the dress-over-jeans look... I fell in love with it when I arrived in Melbourne just over ten years ago to study. I studied, all right... the botannical gardens, the sights, the festivals, the shops, the clubs, the guys... *chuckle*

    Every time I try that look myself, it never hangs right. Guess I'm a bit hippy (booty, not peace-and-love... although I like those too) for that look.

  2. Thanks Lawyer doll - I love the look too - and I have hips that are hippy in both ways. I think the trick is getting a flared dress with a defined bodice. I love this dress particularly because it is shaped and has pockets. Melbourne is a great city - very refined and very pretty. And they have great coffee. Were you at Latrobe when you studied at Melbourne?