Friday, March 4, 2011

The moon walks her lonely way

It has been a long week and I am very tired; too tired to even apologise for wearing another black dress. The best I can do is to try and soften the blow of monotony with a truly excellent rabbit. 
The painting reads, "The search for evidence". I love the look on the rabbit's face as it digs. I love this dress too - it was an ultra cheapie from Target. The tights are Wolford, the shoes are Aerosoles (and wildly comfortable) and the if the rabbit doesn't distract you ...
... maybe the jewellery will. The smaller pendant is from Tiffany and was a gift from Mr Baxter a few years ago. The larger pearly disc is from a vintage clothing store in a northern Sydney suburb. 
The earrings are old timers too, and feature jet set in gold. I bought them at the Alameda Markets in San Francisco last month. It has occurred to me that I could hop a plane tomorrow, make those magnificent markets with time to spare and get back in time for meetings on Tuesday.  No, really, it's perfectly feasible. I could sleep on the plane. 

What are you plotting for the weekend? 


  1. A black dress always looks fine. And Wolford tights, the best! The bunny is funny ; )!

  2. I like the dress. And the rabbit is cute. Thanks for the funny comment!

  3. I like the rabbit painting!

    I'm planning a surprise party for one of my best friends! Woo!

  4. Yep,you couls sleep on the plane!
    The good old LBD! That's a lovely example!!
    The rabbit loooks a bit terrifying!! Ha!

  5. I love the bunny, Metscan! And Wolfords. They last forever.

    Pleasure, Shybiker!

    Hope your party was a blast, Sheila! Please have extra cake for me.

    Hi Helga! The rabbit is slightly scary but he looks really focused. He makes me feel reassured so is a welcome fellow in my office. Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. Those are great earrings, Baxter.
    You and I have very similar coloring. I'm going to disagree with Mette--who looks fabulous in black--and say that for people with gingery coloring, black is not the best thing to wear up close to the face. You need a scarf in a sharp green or warm pink to light up your beautiful face.

  7. You're right Charlotte, and the more I keep my blog, the more that black is really starting to make me feel drained, even though I love black dresses. Today I found myself looking a very green dress (the label claimed it was emerald), not something I would ordinarily wear, and wondering if I could. Thank you for your kind wise words!